a cordial welcome to the Hoeck 1892!

The founder of our house, Wilhelm Hoeck, established a wine and champagne company in 1892.

Soon thereafter a large distillery, liquor fabrication and a room for free samples followed that has withstood the test of time to this day.
Numerous tales and anecdotes have since contributed to the history of this house. Stories ranging from the victory of the founder’s son Horst in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, stories of shrapnels embedded in the bar, dating from World War II and finally, the strange custom known as “tea bag tossing”, the remnants of which still decorate the ceiling to this day and are attributed to student leader Rudi Dutschke.

Heinrich Zille produced his famous sketches here, movies and television used to film here. Generations of amiable regular guests have enjoyed the special atmosphere here. We look upon the house’s history with a deep and sincere respect and want to uphold the tradition of this establishment.

Only fresh and regional products find their way into our kitchen, in order to create seasonal menus as in the days of Wilhelm Hoeck. And in this tradition, no additives or artificial taste enhancements are used in our kitchen. Our dumplings and noodles are homemade, our select fish, meats and game products come from the greater Brandenburg region.

You might want to try the best black pudding in Europe, produced by Marcus Benser in Neukölln. The „Confrérie des Chevaliers du Goûte Boudin“ dubbed him „ Knight of the black pudding“ for his outstanding achievements. This honor was also bestowed to Paul Bocuse among others.Many of our other sausage specialties are also manufactured by Mr.Benser.

No rules without exceptions goes the saying, so it can happen that a tasty cheese from the Allgäu region or some franconian delicacy might find its way into our menu.



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